IN THE CURRENT LOCK-DOWN we are unable to sell items from the Egham Museum. Please contact J Williams via this website ( if you are wanting to buy books by post.


EbRHS has published a range of books and the most popular are the picture books – books of Egham, Englefield Green, Thorpe, Virginia Water (all £5.50), Runnymede (£6.50), Royal Holloway College (£10.00) and Holloway Sanatorium (£20.00) – which cover the photographic history with accompanying text. There are other more specialist books and leaflets, postcards and Magna Carta items.

This may be a good place to start learning about the local area so click on the various titles in the following list to see what is available.


Illustrated price list Egham 2020

Illustrated Price list Englefield Green 2020

Illustrated Price list Magna Carta & Misc 2020

Illustrated Price list Thorpe & VWater 2020

Price List text only Jan 2020

March 2020

A book about Thorpe Lea (in Thorpe, not Egham) has now been produced and costs £5.50 (£7.50 by post) – also available in The Egham Museum, High St, Egham open Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturday morning.

Thorpe Lea book

We have now sold out of Thorpe Green history, The Egham Picture Book, Egham Eclipses, More Surrey Tales, Surrey History Vol III No. 2, Surrey & the Motor and Surrey at Work in Old Photographs.

Sept 2016 we have also sold out of Scene and Heard and A History of Merlewood

May 2017 we have sold out of Berkshire Windmills & They Lived in Englefield Green: Woolf Barnato.

Visit The Egham Museum, High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9EW open Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturday mornings (10am to 12.30pm or 2.00 to 4.30pm) to buy in person

or download a postal order form    Postal Order Form

or contact J Williams at  to send items by post.

Please note that it may not be possible for us to reprint books or pamphlets due to slow sales of some items. However we have always donated two copies to the Egham Museum so that a copy may be read there (items cannot be borrowed). If you need information then possibly a photocopy could be made for you



Front cover of Emily Loch, Discretion in Waiting                            emily-loch-front

and review                                                                                                 emily-loch