Members of Egham by Runnymede Historical Society may not be aware we are members of Surrey Archaeological Society and therefore receive their publications & reports.

We have the current edition of Surrey History which has the contents as follows

1. Some thoughts on the early development of Cobham 2. Surrey in the Great war: A County remembers 3. The Tin Tabernacles of surrey, Part 2 4. Accessions received by Surrey History Centre 5. Item 1 although not in the same format as the Surrey Villages in Maps series (of which Thorpe is one) explores some ideas in the same vein. Item 2 gives links to their website for World War 1 references. Item 3 looks at the Outer London boroughs but the Addendum includes an iron mission church in New Road, Egham. This is now Wendover Road. We also have the Surrey Industrial History Group newsletter November 2019 & their programme (see includes talks for 7 Jan 2020 A drop of the hard stuff a century of brewing & mineral water making in Bury St ,Guildford, 21 Jan The Zeppelin Onslaught, 4 Feb The History of Westland Aircraft, 18 Feb Industrial History at the Mills Archive & 3 Mar Sentinals at Sea – lighthouses. These journals & others we keep in a box on a bookshelf in the Research Room (Egham Museum) and can be looked at on the premises

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