Englefield Green War Memorial by John Scott,MBE

Englefield Green War Memorial is in the grounds of Englefield Green Cemetery where originally only a Cross of Sacrifice was erected, without names. There was a board in the British Legion Hall with all those who went to WW1 and the 22 who did not return, all but one coming from the Green. John visited the Egham Museum to begin searching for names in the newspapers & was quickly directed to EbRHS & ex RAF member, Jim Choules, who had been researching, for about five years, all the war dead in the local area. A file of Jim’s work is available in the Museum. The idea of a War Memorial was suggested. By March 2014 99 Englefield Green names from WW1 & 24 from WW2 had been found. 329 men volunteered in WW1 & of the 64 CWG for WW1, 32 were from Canada & 32 from Britain with 12 from Englefield Green. John searched regimental archives to find what their units were doing on the day they died.

There was discussion about location and design: one with columns & seats was trialled, public opinion sought & modifications made finally opting for a seating area surrounding 7 columns. These align on significant points & carry the following- 1 (the tallest) has Services & Canadian flags, 2-Commonwealth War Grave names, 3-two thirds of the WW1 names, 4–remaining WW1 & WW2 names. 5-the 32 Canadian Forestry Corps & 2 infantry men, 6-later used for those decorated in combat, even if not killed & thoughts from local schoolchildren, 7-those who died out of CWGC range of years as a result of injuries & 8-Benjamin Ready, Royal Marine Commando, killed in Afghanistan. There were many contributors, true for many successful projects. Information about the building was deposited on the site in perpetuity. Local schools visit on the Friday before Remembrance Sunday to talk about remembrance. The Opening Ceremony was a busy day with about 300 attending. The columns were unveiled & pupils read out individual stories of the fallen. Details of all the dead were posted on the railings of the Cemetery & these are put in place each year.

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